Open source
e-commerce software

EC-CUBE is an all-in-one shopping cart suite. Connecting to payment gateways and other services is easy. Build, customize and download plug-ins to make a truly unique shopping experience.

Simple and clear. Source easy to...

Easy to customize.

Easily understandable system files require no knowledge of programming.

1200 the number of program files.

1,200 program files.
Ultra light software.

EC-CUBE is comprised of an amazingly small number of files and is highly scalable.

Php and templates are available...

Smarty integration.
Separate PHP and HTML.

Smarty Template Engine integration makes it easy to customize templates.

The directory structure is obvious

Simple directory.
Quick access to files.

The directory structure is based on URL links to provide quick access to files.

Open an e-shop in 5 easy steps.

Open an e-shop in 5 easy steps.

The 5-step installation takes only five minutes to complete, giving anyone the means to open a feature-rich, fully customized shopping cart with a convenient user interface.

DOWNLOAD / Installation method

Japan’s most trusted e-commerce solution.
Japan’s most trusted
e-commerce solution.

EC-CUBE was first distributed for free beginning in 2006. Since then it has become the largest open source shopping cart in Japan. Its ability to allow users to create custom sites by simply combining templates and plug-ins has resulted in over 1 million downloads..


Main features

List of front features

Point-system for product purchase

Point-system for
product purchase

Customers can purchase items using points accumulated from other purchases.

Multiple-delivery destination settings

destination settings

Customers can designate multiple delivery addresses for a single order.

Downloaded products


Products can also be sold as downloadable content.



The mobile version is automatically generated at launch.

Front-End Feature List

Administrator registration


Register multiple administrators with their own unique ID and password.

Sales tabulation

Sales tabulation

Display aggregate sales by term, product, age group, etc. in a graph and list.

Mail magazine delivery

Mail magazine

Create, designate delivery dates/time and deliver HTML/TEXT mail magazines.

Design management


Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to alter the layout.

EC-CUBE is loaded with many other features. Check the complete feature list for more details. Display all features